How Horrible is Your BossRelationships

December 26, 2016 19:11
How Horrible is Your Boss

Working sincerely, straight from the morning to the evening 5days a week, is not enough sometimes. No matter how hard you are at work, no matter how many sacrifices you make, there is your boss above you who does not care at all. Asking you to stay for the extra hours and stealing the credit from you, how horrible is your boss?

According to a recent study by ‘Seth M Spain’ at Binghamton University in New York US, boss who plays a significant role in increasing your stress are categorized into two types, Dark and dysfunctional boss

Dysfunctional bosses does not want to hurt you, as they lack lots of skills and have other personality defects, they are not very good at their jobs that’s why they are called as ‘dysfunctional’.

On the other hand, Dark bosses have destructive behaviors and they hurt others to elevate themselves.

These bosses possess three characters called “Dark Triad”, which includes Machiavellianism, narcissism and psychopathy.

“Dark bosses are those who enjoy pain and suffering of his employee’s, they are always going to be mean towards you, they will abuse you and also harass you in your everyday life.  

The study observed that team leaders can act as a lens through which people tend to view their work experience.

This study shows how to establish a taxonomy for identifying horrible bosses and their distinct behaviours, can help you fixing them and reduce stress in your workplace.

"We believe that these characteristics are extremely important for understanding the employee development and career advancement," Spain noted.

The study was published in the journal Research in Occupational Stress and Well-Being.

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