Common eyes problems and solutionsDoctor's Advise

December 29, 2015 12:53
Common eyes problems and solutions},{Common eyes problems and solutions

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Few common eye problems or disorders cause a huge discomfort to many of us. Few of the eye disorders are due to some allergic reactions, while few others are symptoms of serious eye illness. Here is a brief overview of what to do? how to react? and when to consult a doctor? if you have an eye problem.  

Blurred Vision of eye
If you observe blurred vision of eye suddenly with pain, it is an immediate case of emergency and you will have to meet your doctor at the earliest. If the blurred vision is gradual or occasional associated with pain, it could be due to strain, dryness of eye, or tiredness. So relax and rest your eye. If the problem persists, consult your doctor.

Itching and Puffiness in eye
Usually inciting and puffiness in eye is linked to eye allergy. Lubricant eye drops or anti-allergic eye drops can do the job in mild case. You of course have to see a doctor for the prescription. Don’t rub your eyes and make the situation worse. In case of puffiness in eye due to an injury, see your doctor immediately.

Redness in eye
Redness in eye is usually due to many reasons like irritation, pricking sensation, watering, pain, viral or bacterial infection. In this case, consult your doctor for better treatment. Don’t rub your eye, keep your eyes clean and use wet compress on your eyes. These sort of infections are contagious. Redness can also be due to allergic reactions or eye strain. It is better to meet your doctor to be on safer side.

Eye pain or blurry vision
Burning sensation in eyes is commonly associated with allergy, dryness, strain. Cold compress or lubricant eye drops could do the job. If your eye pain is consistent and annoying your work, it is time to consult your doctor. More emergency is eye pain associated with redness or eye swelling or blurred vision.

Black spots in eye
If you have few spots, small insect like objects, threads in your easy, they are floaters and not harmful. These are just some molecules in the inner liquid of eyes. But, sudden flashes, light, floaters objecting part of vision are to be considered seriously. This could be a sign of retinal detachment or vitreous detachment. They require immediate treatment.

Foreign particle in eye
If any sharp object like thorn, glass piece, wood piece falls into your eye, it is critical and you will have to see a doctor immediately. Do not rub your eyes and do not try to remove it. If a hair or dust particle has fallen in eye, try to wash out with water, lubricant eye drops or saline solution. If you are not able to locate the particle or you still feel the irritation, consult your doctor.


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