How are Adult Loneliness and Childhood Trauma related?Teens

July 10, 2024 13:12
How are Adult Loneliness and Childhood Trauma related?

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Many families believe that if a child is fed, educated and sheltered, he will thrive. However, they forget one of the key components of emotional development - emotional connection and security. This is why these children feel more and more lonely as they grow up. "Unconsciously, we repeat what is most familiar to us (which is often due to our upbringing). Only when we are aware of our learned and unconscious patterns and beliefs can we break free of them and make healthier and better choices for ourselves (today and in the future),” says therapist Carolyn Middlesdorf. The expert also pointed out some symptoms of loneliness in adults and how they are related to childhood trauma.

We feel crazy: We have trouble starting conversations or getting along with everyone in social situations. This is due to a feeling of self-doubt. He is constantly looking for recognition. Children who do not receive approval and acceptance from their parents and guardians grow up to be adults who are always looking for them. Disappearances. For adults suffering from loneliness, social situations can be overwhelming. This often results in us disappearing or running away from the situation. Attracting the wrong people: Our childhood habits make us comfortable in toxic relationships. We give up relationships even though we know it's bad for us. Avoidance. To avoid the overwhelming feeling of loneliness, we try to stay busy with work, hobbies or social networking sites.

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