They look good even in the morning...!Hot Buzz

May 01, 2013 18:04
They look good even in the morning...!

Our fascination with beautiful celebrities and everything about them has no limit. If in a way it is creepy for some to get this amount of constant attention, some don't hate it at all. In fact there are some celebs who have gone to the extreme extent to remain in the news...and what do we do in that situation? Well ..we pretend we don't care much and then we start Googoling...but don't worry as long as we are here, the netizens need not waste time to find any shutterbug delights...for here we have them all....Today take a look at the pictures of five celebs who look beautiful even without make up ( sounds dull? Boring|? Cliched?) ..well do you have any better thing to do.....No?  ( well... if you had why'd you be here after all?) ..So please have a look.

5) Kate Upton

She is our sweetheart and she is one of the most beautiful woman even when she has just woke up...Need any more reasons ? Hope not...!

4)Bar Refaeli

If you have any objection in her inclusion to the list ...think again...She was the freaking Girlfriend of Leo Dicaprio...Yes ..The Leo Dicrapio...!...Sometimes Bar looks like she caught a little too much sun on her face here, but nevertheless, she's super-gorgeous without a stitch of makeup on .

3) Beyonce

It’s almost heartbreaking for other woman to know  how great Beyoncé looks without a drop of makeup on. She literally glows!

2) Kristen Stewart

We can’t get over the Twilight star’s glowing skin ...It's great to be a vampire....only if..! Damn..

1)Diane Kruger

This German chic has earlier put the screen on fire in the movies like Troy and Inglorious Bastards but if you think she is good only after make up and only on the screen...then we demand an apology...right now...


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