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July 08, 2024 17:23
How to Educate your Kids To fight against Bullying

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When children complain about missing school or school fees, parents often ignore the problem. They think they're apologizing, but that's not necessarily the case. If your child does this, don't ignore him. Speak to them immediately in a friendly manner and find out what the problem is. Most children cannot tell everything because of fear and are still bullied outside the home. Because of this, children are filled with emotional fears and anxiety and are always afraid. So you should reach out and show them your support. Take greater action if necessary. Today we'll talk about how you can encourage your child in such a situation and reduce emotional fears.

If your children are victims of bullying, be sure to tell them the following:

I am always with you: unconditional support for a child in this situation can give him hope that he is not alone. This boosted his confidence and he had no problem asking for help or expressing his feelings.

It's not your fault: Many parents blame their child and ask why they should be friends with their child or do something similar. But telling them instead that it's not their fault frees them from feelings of guilt and remorse and understands that bad behavior shouldn't be tolerated.

Tell me what happened: If your child says something like this, be sure to ask them for anything that will help you deal with the situation. In addition, you can understand your child's problems, nature and way of thinking.

Find solutions together: If you want to help your child and understand how they deal with such situations, it is better to talk to them as a team about finding solutions.

Friends should make you feel good: It's important to tell your children what a good friend looks like. Tell your friend that he will never do anything wrong and will help you.

This will help you build better relationships with your friends and learn how to distance yourself from abusive people.

How are you feeling?: Be sure to ask your child how they are feeling. Give them time to talk. This makes them feel protected. This way you can also find ways to help them.

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