Tips to set up right boundaries for Work For Home for WomenWomen

June 29, 2024 18:48
Tips to set up right boundaries for Work For Home for Women

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Working from home is a lot of fun at first. How relaxing it is to be far away from crowded subways and long traffic! But that's a double-edged sword. Seductive like a wolf in sheep's clothing, the lollipop offers flexibility and work-life balance. In fact, it often turns us into clowns, juggling messy tasks at home or at work. A Twitter user shared how she had to give up housework because her mother didn't take her seriously and assigned her tasks instead. Working from home can feel like working double shifts, and you'll find yourself caught in a crossfire between your home and office managers. Over time, frustration and exhaustion set in and you end up quitting your job. Here are five tips for staying healthy, setting boundaries, and balancing working from home. If your workplace has a messy bed or sofa, don't sleep in the bed if your family doesn't take your work seriously. Determining a suitable and organized workspace will make you more alert and create a work environment around you. Family members will think twice before yelling at you in a meeting.

If you call yourself a wizard, the world will see you as such. You may feel an innate desire to complete tasks even without external pressure to suppress some of your inner work. Fold clothes or paint your nails while you wait for your team members to join the meeting. This will give your family the impression that you are multitasking and free, and they will naturally think that you have time to run errands. There's no point in resisting housework when working from home, but it's important to set boundaries. Create a schedule with enough breaks at work so that you can complete these tasks in a healthy way. Even if you work from home, remember that work always comes first during working hours. Therefore, prioritize your tasks based on their urgency. Your parents’ generation and the generations before have not yet experienced working from home. Despite Covid-19's repressive efforts to force everyone to adapt, it is alien to them. Your duty is to express and emphasize the importance and seriousness of your job responsibilities. The work remains the same. It's just the environment that has changed. Provide regular updates on schedule and shift time changes.

Family members may unknowingly enter your room without realizing you are working. Maybe you were careless, or maybe you just stopped by to say hello. It's your job to remind them using visual cues. It may sound silly, but put a "Do Not Disturb" sign on your door, wear headphones to show you're in work mode, and dress professionally for the day. Visual cues minimize interruptions and increase concentration.

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