Muslims In Arizona Call The Elected Officials To Intervene In Kashmir CrisisTop Stories

September 28, 2019 14:22
Muslims In Arizona Call The Elected Officials To Intervene In Kashmir Crisis

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A group of Muslim individuals from Arizona marched through with a rally at the State Capitol as a sign of protest against the persistent humanitarian crisis going around in the India-occupied Kashmir.

The attendees in the rally pled the elected officials in the state to intervene on behalf of Kashmir to help the province from the consistent wrath that they have been facing all around the year.

Following the repealing of the Article 370 by the Indian President, Ram Nath Kovind, under the Modi constitution, Kashmir has lost its autonomous status now. Ever since, the state has been under a constant distress, putting the lives of the peaceful protestors in risk.

There have been communication blackouts there along with allied news of rape, violence and torture on the people trying to protest against the misdeeds.

One of the attendees in the rally conducted in Arizona stated saying that they haven’t been able to contact their relative for over 50 days.

He wished to remain anonymous but suggested saying that in comparison to the kind of torture and anguish that the people in Kashmir are experiencing, his distress is nothing compared to that. He stated that he is tired of seeing people being trampled and dejected in fear living in possibly the biggest democracy across the world.

Imraan Siddiqui, who is the executive director of the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) reported for an immediate call to action, stating that the oppression against the status of the Article 370 has led to mistreatment, rape and torture against the people in Kashmir.

He further stated that they have been receiving second hand news rallying that there have been use of live ammunition on the peaceful protestors. They have been curfews and several people who are currently missing from the India occupied Kashmir.

The rally conducted in Arizona for Kashmir was well timed to coincide with the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s visit to address the UN General Assembly.

By Somapika

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