Several Developments In Suburbs In Arizona May Run Out Of WaterTop Stories

October 22, 2019 10:54
Several Developments In Suburbs In Arizona May Run Out Of Water

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Climate crisis and environmental issues are at its peak now. The impacts of the same could very well affect the suburbs in Arizona as well. Some of the housing development around in the suburbs could end up being unsustainable because of the lack of water supply, a recent report suggested.

The report was registered by the Arizona State University Kyl Centre for Water Policy stating that some of the areas in Buckeye and Pinal County in the southeast Valley in Arizona is going to face a huge impact and challenge with respect to the water supplies.

In addition to that, the study also clarifies that the landmark 1980 Groundwater Management Act will now have to be overhauled as the varying housing development progresses in this feat.

The main challenge in this is the fact that the areas lack access to the renewable resources of water including the Central Arizona Project. Their main source of water around is groundwater which can dry up owing to the increasing climate rise and issues surrounding it.

The groundwater unavailability isn’t just the only problem thought. The other major concern that is posing as a threat at the moment is the CAP shortages in some of the important lakes around including Lake Mead which is the main reservoir serving water to Nevada, Arizona, California and so on and so forth.

The seven states that rely on the Colorado River also did approve an immediate drought contingency plan that will focus on mitigation methods in case the water levels consistently fall below the risk levels furthermore. These kinds of reductions in the water levels are also set to negatively affect the other major industries as well.

The lack of water in the development in the region of Buckeye is expected to impose a lot of issues for the upcoming projects that are being planned around the area on a consistent basis. The Douglas Ranch is one of the most important projects that is set to be developed on a 37,000 acre area.

Another development project in the Arizona suburb that could face a problem because of the lack of water is the Belmont project, which has been proposed to be conducted in the west of Buckeye. Whether or not salient mitigation steps are going to be taken is still a matter of question.

By Somapika Dutta

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