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November 08, 2019 12:11
Voter’s In Tuscon Refuse To Accept Arizona As A Sanctuary City

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An initiative was made about Arizona being a Sanctuary city and this wasn’t approved by the Tuscon voters as they fear that million dollars received from the State and Federal Government and the public safety will be at stake.

This initiative being rejected is a sigh of relief for the people who have a control over the city government.

A few activists said that this initiative would have given illegal immigrants a free hand and this could have impacted the laws in Arizona. This law had drawn attention through protests, boycotts and lawsuits about a decade ago.

The first Latina Mayor Regina Romero was choosen to lead Arizona. For the first time Arizona will be lead by a woman. In South Western Arizona she was appreciated by migrant farmworkers. In 2007, she was elected by the city of council and she heads an environmental group in the Latino.

There were ongoing discussions made by Tuscon voters about making Arizona the only Sanctuary city. Besides, it has been assured that immigrants will be assured of being valued and protected although the immigrant policies made by Trump are unpredictable.

For the better, the police will get the authority to find out about the immigration status. The executive director of People’s Defense Initiative, Zaira Livier who is not for this initiative quoted "It will put into law that we will not, as we move forward, collaborate in the federal effort to terrorize, detain, separate and deport our community members,"

Further, even the Democratic City Council is not for the sanctuary initiative. One of the Mayors believes that the city is good with laws for protecting the immigrants and this can cause problems with getting funds from the federal and State Goverment.

By Neha Makhija

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