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November 18, 2019 12:14
Video Captures : Deputy Of Arizona Holding Down A 15-Year Old

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KOLD News 13, a local telivision station in Tuscon released a  video that captured an unfortunate and ruthless act of Manuel Van Saten, one of the Deputy of Arizona against Immanuel, who lives in a group home and is 15 years old with no hands and limbs.

Arizona’s Pima contry sheriff’s department is investigating on this case. Fortunately, when the injustice was happening, a boy named C.J who was having his breakfast in the next room was a witness to it and took a bold step to record this on his cell phone.

Immanuel tried to indicate what he was going through by pushing down a trashcan.

As per the footage, Immanuel was screaming on top of his voice and he was tackled and pinned down by the Deputy to stop yelling.

Immanuel stopped after two minutes and the Deputy stood up yelling at the boy. When CJ went to Immanuel’s rescue, he was arrested along with Immanuel, said Mr. Feinman.

In the video, Van Santen was heard saying "I'll raise my voice to you whenever the f--k I want, do you understand?"

Further, both the boys were taken to juvenile for their misbehaviour and they were charged. On Friday, the teen’s attorney mentioned that Arizona prosecutors withdrew charges on these teenage boys.

Arizona Department of Child Safety took custody of all the boys in the group home and Mr. Feinman mentioned “These are boys that have already been traumatized, and we are just adding trauma upon trauma, abuse upon abuse,”

He added, this was one of the most disturbing episodes among the one’s that he sees as a public defender.

As per James Allerton, one of the officers in the Department, Deputy Van Santen’s case is going through an internal investigation and Van Santen didn’t want to comment on this further.

Jurgena quoted “ I think everyone feels in my office this cop should not be out here with a badge and gun if this is how he’s treating kids in group homes”.

By Neha Makhija

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