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February 07, 2020 10:47
Company Fired its CEO for Racial Discrimination

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A Chief Executive Officer based from Arizona has been fired from the company that he founded after a video that has been released which has surfaced him calling a black Uber driver a racial slur during a trip on Friday night.

The CEO named Hans Berglund of the age 71 years old has been suspended from his agricultural- product company named Agroplasma and has been replaced with an interim chief executive.

The video of the Chief Executive Officer calling a black Uber driver as a racial slur has been released by the driver who has been identified as Randy Clarke of 25 years of age.

The full- time Arizona State University senior Randy Clarke told The Washington Post in an interview on Thursday that the interaction that he had with the Chief Executive Officer of the agricultural product company has been the most disturbing ride that he has experienced in the 2 and half years that he has worked with the ride- hailing company completing more than 14,000 trips.

He added saying that the installation of the cameras in his SUV has been done in order to cover himself if he had ever received any complaints or if anything has happened to him during the drive and has therefore installed the cameras in his SUV in the month of April in 2018.

Clarke has a history of being sexually assaulted by a passenger who sat next to him in the front seat in the year 2018 following which he had made a note in his Uber profile and also on his vehicle that the front seat is reser4ved for only the parties with three or more in number.

According to the video that has been released by Clarke, it can been seen that Berglund has entered the car to sit in the front seat without taking the notice that has been made in the profile of Clarke nor did he read the notice on the door on the vehicle and above the glove box.

Clarke has asked Berglund to sit at the back seat to which he has denied and passed racially abusive statements when Clarke has asked to cancel the ride and the amount would be refunded.

The political science major has exclaimed saying that he was in a state of shock after hearing the statements in the 21st century, as told to The Post.

A statement has been provided by the spokesperson of Uber which had said that the ride- hailing company does not tolerate any discrimination and that the video that has been recorded was a proof that showed Berglund has clearly violated the guidelines of the community.

Although Berglund has apologized for what he has said, he had been removed from the company and was replaced with an interim CEO by Wednesday.

By Shrithika Kushangi

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