Dozens of COVID-19 Testing kits stolen from Health clinic in ArizonaTop Stories

March 23, 2020 12:23
Dozens of COVID-19 Testing kits stolen from Health clinic in Arizona

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A dozen of coronavirus testing kits have been stolen from a health clinic in Arizona. The authorities have said that the man has posed as a delivery driver and has stolen the testing kits used for coronavirus.

The police has said that the man has entered the EI Rio Health Care in Tucson at around just before 8 in the evening when the employees were getting ready to close.

The man who has posed as a delivery guy has taken 29 of the highly sought- after coronavirus test kits and has driven off in a Dodge Charger or a car of the similar style of a reddish color.

The police has said that the employees of the health center have noticed the missing of the unused kits in the following morning.

The police has described the suspect as a Hispanic male in his 30s with a large build, based on the surveillance images. The police has also described saying that the suspect appears to have a full, dark- colored beard with some graying.

the police has added saying that the kits are essentially useless to the suspect as the kits require a lab and proper equipments in order to test and to produce the results.

Although the clinic was able to replace the items that have been stolen, the police has said that the the theft that has been done has contributed to the health crisis as the test kits have been taken out of the hands of nurses and doctors.

The police has warned that those who would claim to have the test kits used for testing the deadly novel coronavirus for sale are scammers as there are no at- home kits that are currently available.

The testing kits for coronavirus are in short supply in the United States as the there is a continuous spread of the deadly novel CPVID-19 all across the world.

It has been recorded that the deadly novel COVID-19 has so far sickened more than 26,000 people in the United States and has claimed the lives of at least 340 people.

By Shrithika Kushangi

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