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  • facts about Left Handers, surprising facts about left handers, international left handers day 10 surprising facts about lefties, Cleveland clinic

    International Left-Handers Day: 10 Surprising Facts About Lefties 2019-08-13 09:22:19

    Every year August 13 is observed as International Lefthanders Day 2019. The day is dedicated to the lefties of the world. Reportedly only 10 percent of people in the world are left-handed. Being a left-hander in a world which is...

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    Richard Lee Norris, gets new face, us man injured in gun accident gets new face, Cleveland clinic

    US: Man injured in gun accident gets new face 2012-03-27 22:00:30

    An comprehensive face transplant ever carried out as indicated by University of Maryland physician for 37-year-old man from Virginia who was injured in a gun accident in the year 1997.He is been given a new face, teeth, tongue and jaw. On...

    Keywords: Eduardo Rodriguez, Richard Lee Norris, gets new face, US man injured in gun accident

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    Cardiology, Shaikh Khalifa Medical City, ecg in 10 minutes at shaikh khalifa medical city, Cleveland clinic

    ECG in 10 minutes at Shaikh Khalifa Medical City! 2013-04-18 04:02:07

    Absolute wonder that patients complaining of chest pain will be given an ECG within 10 minutes of reaching the Shaikh Khalifa Medical City.According to Dr Wael Al-Mahmeed, Chief of Cardiology and Medical Director of the Chest Pain Centre at SKMC,...

    Keywords: Abu Dhabi, Cardiology, Chest Pain Centre at SKMC, heart

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    Dr Sij Hemal, Dr Sij Hemal, an indian american urologist helps deliver baby in an international flight, Cleveland clinic

    An Indian American Urologist Helps Deliver Baby In An International Flight 2018-01-19 09:57:54

    An Indian American Urologist Dr Sij Hemal was not expecting a Gynaec role on his flight from Paris to JFK when a co-passenger on the Air France international flight went into labor, a week ahead of plan. Sij was traveling...

    Keywords: Dr Sij Hemal, Dr Sij Hemal, Dr Sij Hemal, Dr Sij Hemal

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    Great Lakes Brewing Company, Great Lakes Brewing Company, cleveland ohio a great city to visit, Cleveland clinic

    Cleveland, Ohio: A Great City to Visit 2013-10-01 06:40:47

    In 1969, this Cleveland's Cuyahoga River caught fire. It was an event that inspired songwriter Randy Newman to write: "Burn On, Big River." No big news locally, however: "A strictly run of the mill fire," said the city's fire chief.The...

    Keywords: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, cleveland, Great Lakes Brewing Company, Cleveland Botanical Garden

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