Paneer Tikka Preparation in less than Ten MinutesQuick & Easy Recipes

July 02, 2024 15:17
Paneer Tikka Preparation in less than Ten Minutes

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It's evening and you're home. Today you had a hard day at work, you are hungry and tired and want to eat delicious and filling food. If you run out of patience for that email, you won't have the energy to cook. What's the solution? Grab the first packet of chips, namkeen or cookies you see and shove it in your face or order now and have your desired food delivered within 20 to 40 minutes. Right? made a mistake None of these provide the healthy, wholesome nutrition your body needs. What should I do? Instant recipes for delicious snacks are waiting for you.

We present you the perfect recipe for a snack (or dinner) when you don't have the time or energy to cook. Check out Paneer Tikka Instant Recipe. Delicious cheese cubes that are soft on the inside and have a crispy layer on the outside. The best part? You can make it at home in under 10 minutes with just a handful of ingredients. A slightly time-consuming cooking step for the paneer tikka recipe is marinating. If you are hungry or craving paneer tikka, you can't wait for hours for paneer to soak in yogurt and spices. What should I do? Our recipe doesn't skip the marinating step, but you can make a delicious paneer tikka in no time. Let us begin.

First cut the cheese into cubes. Grate the garlic and spread it over the cheese with your hands. Now take out the spices and cover the cheese again and stir until all the cubes are well coated. Take some flour (flour) and sprinkle it over all the cheese pieces. Roll again to ensure all cubes are covered. Heat oil in a wok and fry the cheese. Place a paper towel on the plate and place the paneer tikka on it. Once all the paneer tikkas are cooked, place them on a plate, sprinkle with chaat masala (optional) and serve with your favorite chutney or dip. enjoy!

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