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September 03, 2015 17:12

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Depression is something that is needed to be attended on an emergency. It cannot be neglected as a simple mood swing. It evolves to become a dangerous and dreadful disease ruining beautiful lives. It is definitely tough to deal with depression and you tend to feel helpless and lonely. At times you may feel as if you have lost everything and there is nothing left in life. But it is important for you to believe that things will get better and strive in that direction. Below are few useful tips to deal with stress and depression. Even if you are not victim to this dangerous, invisible disease, help those whom you identify with this dreadful disorder.

Identify and accept

First important thing to do is to identify and accept that you are in depression. Unless you accept what you are undergoing, you cannot move towards a solution for it. Acknowledge that you have a depression first and move towards taking a positive step. A psychologist based in Gurgaon says, “Denial is the most common problem. People are not ready to accept that they are depressed and need help.”

Ask for help

Identifying and hiding the disorder or mental condition is of no use. Do not hesitate to reveal it to a right person and seek help. Help can from family or friends. Ask for emotional support from your people. For that you will have to first explain your condition clearly. Next immediate thing is visit a psychologist for to help you deal with the stress and depression.

Cut excessive thing

It is important for you to put some effort towards dealing with the situation. Simply relying on your people or psychologist will not serve the purpose. Take an initiation form your side and as a part of it avoid excessive thinking or brooding over on issues. Put an end to your thoughts on any issue. You can do this just by diverting your mind on something joyful. You will not believe, but with this your half job is done.

Have goals

Set some goals for yourself some short term and few long term goals. For instance, if you have faced failure at an endeavor do not lose your spirit to give a fight. Remember that you have not lost a battle until you stop trying. The goals you set should of course be achievable. Your goals can be as simple as washing dishes every day after a meal or getting up by around five o’clock in the morning. Believe it or not, as you keep meeting these goals on regular basis, you boost your confidence.

Get to routine

To come out of depression it is important to get into your routine. Many professionals opine that by simply getting into the routine, one can come out of negative thoughts and develop sense of purpose. Ensure that your routine include healthy habits like, eating on time, sleeping well and so on.


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