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July 22, 2020 13:21
Create a “New You” with proper Time Management – Insights by SwagatDoki

"The key is in not spending time, but in investing it." -- Stephen R. Covey

Time is a crucial part of every person’s life. Every single minute that you spend needs to be spent wisely and planned properly. But you will rarely find people with proper time management skills. The lack of knowledge surrounding the subject is what makes us procrastinate so much.

But, having someone like SwagatDoki pen down his personal journey with time management and the hassles gives us better insights on how to tackle the shortcomings and gradually overcome them.

All of us are racing against time and it goes without saying that in order to make it big in the world, we need to have better understanding of time management and how it works.

Youth Empowerment Forum (YEF), which works autonomously under the Women Empowerment Foundation founded by Mrs. Lalitha Byra, Phoenix City Women Commissioner. The forum is run by a group of enthusiastic youth, for the youth. From arranging amazing online sessions, courses to dishing out insights on lifestyle and time management, the forum is targeted towards creating a better future for the youth of today.

In case you are struggling with time management and need better insights, here’s the article penned down by Swagat.

People are always constantly needing to manage time in order to finish reports, cooking dinner, drop kids off to school, finishing up work sessions, breaks, etc. But how do people achieve balance properly during private and public life when time management is done incorrectly and can lead to disastrous consequences? In my personal experiences, there are better ways to achieve a consistent, manageable time management during one’s private or public life. Time management is one of the major survival life skills and done improperly can lead yourself to one of the worst mistakes in your life and can affect the rest of your life miserably. Time management is one essential habit that people must develop in order to succeed in life.

One critical, excellent step to take for time management is planning out your schedule with public and private life. Planning out ideas and distractions (which should be at the best of your ability none at all) is key to having the best time management there ever was for you. As Kashyap describes for 5 steps for better time management at work, he says " When we talk about planning, you don’t necessarily have to follow a strict routine, instead, it means making smarter decisions of knowing the right time to do a task or an activity" (18). When planning, goals appear for anyone to accomplish at work or at school in order for anyone to be successful at life. As McCarthy said, "Without goals, you might find that you tend to chase after whatever seems most urgent or is staring you in the face" (2). Like me, goals make life much easier and planning better visually and while doing. The result gives great effect when you plan time management. Morgan describes the good effects when making a plan/ to-do list can help d
ecrease stress and be more involved in productivity (2-3). Planning makes time management much easier and develops good habits for time management. Once planning is done for time management, anyone can do time management much easier.

Another crucial, important step to take when managing time is to avoid distractions at all costs. Distractions are very known to cause disruptions and interruptions to time management and since time is finite people can lose precious, valuable time. As Kashyap describes on how to do time management properly, one crucial way is to avoid at all cost for distractions is to "not let these distractions eat up your time, it’s better to cut them off completely from your schedule" (21). Electronic devices are known to be one of the main causes for distractions and as McCarthy says" Everyone has certain distractions that interrupt them and take their time away from their work" (12). Avoiding distractions can lead to better communication with friends, co-workers, etc. because it allows you to tell them to say stuff that is important and things that don't need to be said (Morgan 5-6). Like me, avoid them at all cost but if you can't, set a time for it. This way, anyone can plan and set times for distractions (if needed)
to where anyone can manage everything and have leisure time.

The last main step for time management is managing health. Health is wealth because you need to balance your private time with school, work, etc. As McCarthy describes health for time management techniques, he tells us to eat, sleep regularly, exercise often, enjoy the leisure time that anyone needs because time has a limit (14). There are better consequences for this. The main one other than better health is getting a better reputation. With it, anyone can be healthy and ready to go and can set an example for others by showing off how you have very good time management (Morgan 6). This now enables you to have very good skills for managing time and can live a long healthy life.

For time management, planning, avoiding distractions, and having good health are the three keys to success in public and enjoying in anyone's private time. Time management is where anyone can achieve and can be spread to show how anyone can succeed. Encourage others, identify and fix mistakes on how to properly do time management, be planning ideas and plans, because I can guarantee anyone that following these steps can ensure people the true success to life and can live an everlasting life that can show people how to truly do time management.


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