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  • Seattle, American Airlines, american airlines to launch flights from seattle to bengaluru and london, Bengaluru

    American Airlines to Launch Flights from Seattle to Bengaluru and London 2020-02-14 07:37:25

    American Airlines to offer nonstop flights between the United States and Bangalore which is now renamed as Bengaluru in India in the month of October and the departure is said to be from an unlikely departure city.A daily service to...

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    India, India, india s military pay tribute to healthcare workers with fighter jets and army bands, Bengaluru

    India’s military pay tribute to healthcare workers with fighter jets and army bands 2020-05-04 06:38:10

    With the healthcare workers risking their lives every single day, the Indian military forces joined hands to help pay tribute to their noble responsibilities. Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force all joined hands to show their respect to...

    Keywords: tribute, military forces, India, tribute

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    infosys technology innovation center in Arizona, technology innovation center in arizona, infosys set up technology innovation center in arizona, Bengaluru

    Infosys Set up Technology Innovation Center in Arizona 2019-09-27 06:42:03

    Indian multinational Information Technology (IT) consulting company Infosys has set up a technology and innovation center in Arizona State University, with an aim to employ 1,000 Americans over the next four years.   The Bengaluru-based company said the center will...

    Keywords: infosys, infosys technology innovation center in Arizona, infosys in arizona, infosys technology innovation center in Arizona

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    Covid-19, Minal Dakhabe Bhosale, minal dakhabe bhosale the woman behind india s first covid 19 testing kits, Bengaluru

    Minal Dakhabe Bhosale – the woman behind India’s first Covid-19 testing kits 2020-03-30 05:51:05

    If you weren’t informed, India got its first approved Covid-19 testing kits made by a Pune based biomedical firm called Mylabs. While the company has been appraised for their amazing development, it was Minal Dakhabe Bhosale, who made it happen....

    Keywords: Coronavirus, India, Covid-19, Coronavirus

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    UAE, Indian Embassy in Abu Dabi., visa on arrival benefit for uae nationals visiting india, Bengaluru

    Visa-On-Arrival Benefit For UAE Nationals Visiting India 2019-11-18 07:31:23

    On Saturday, in New Delhi, there was an abolishment in the law permitting visa-on-arrival facility to the UAE nationals for a 60 day duration with double entry for tourism, business, conference and medical purposes. This well thought strategy will prove...

    Keywords: UAE, Indian Embassy in Abu Dabi., India, India

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    Leonardo DiCaprio, Leonardo DiCaprio support to cauvery calling, civil society groups ask dicaprio to withdraw support for cauvery calling, Bengaluru

    Civil Society Groups Ask DiCaprio to Withdraw Support for ‘Cauvery Calling’ 2019-09-25 10:52:08

    Hollywood actor and climate change activist Leonardo DiCaprio’s support for ‘Cauvery Calling’, a campaign headed by Isha Foundation and Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, seemingly didn’t go well with him. A total of 95 civil society groups and 18 individuals have written...

    Keywords: sadhguru, isha foundation, Leonardo DiCaprio, Leonardo DiCaprio

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