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  • Permanent Residency, HIB Visa, work permit of h1b visa holder s spouses will be refused, It department

    Work Permit of H1b Visa Holder’s Spouses Will Be Refused 2019-11-11 12:20:20

    Trump has started to work on banning the work permit for spouses of H-1B visa holders. This was thought about in 2017 and this change will impact the job of Indians in the US.Earlier in the year 2015, the H-4...

    Keywords: Immigration, Green Card, HIB Visa, Permanent Residency

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    Arizona group home, Manuel Van Saten, video captures deputy of arizona holding down a 15 year old, It department

    Video Captures : Deputy Of Arizona Holding Down A 15-Year Old 2019-11-18 06:44:18

    KOLD News 13, a local telivision station in Tuscon released a  video that captured an unfortunate and ruthless act of Manuel Van Saten, one of the Deputy of Arizona against Immanuel, who lives in a group home and is 15...

    Keywords: Arizona group home, Arizona Department of child safety, Immanuel, Immanuel

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    fantastic adventures, Child abuse, youtuber mom accused of child abuse died on tuesday, It department

    YouTuber Mom Accused Of Child Abuse Died On Tuesday 2019-11-15 05:09:51

    A woman from Arizona, who have been accused of abusing her adopted children in the YouTube videos that they starred in the family channel has passed away on November 12, 2019, as the authorities claimed. Ricardo Alvarado, who is the...

    Keywords: Arizona, Arizona, YouTube, YouTube

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    Indian space agency, Satellite Launch, cartosat 3 13 nanosatellites to be launched on november 25th from us, It department

    Cartosat-3,13 Nanosatellites To Be Launched On November 25th From US 2019-11-19 06:29:35

    The Indian space agency said, on November 25th satellite Cartosat-3 and 13 commercial nanosatellites will be launched from the US in the sun-synchronous orbit.The ISRO is all prepared to launch three satellites, one on November 25th and two others in December.Uses Of Cartosat-3This is...

    Keywords: 13 Nanosatellites, New Space India Ltd, New Space India Ltd, Indian space agency

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    OPIC, India, opic indulges in 350 million on renewable sources in india, It department

    OPIC Indulges In $350 Million On Renewable Sources In India 2019-11-05 05:42:25

    With the need for better renewable sources of energy around the world, OPIC has taken a step towards that by investing $350 million on renewable sources in India. Also better known as the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), which is...

    Keywords: India, renewable sources, $350 million, OPIC

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    killed, Mormons, dead bodies found in mexico and morman families leave the place, It department

    Dead Bodies Found In Mexico And Morman Families Leave The Place 2019-11-11 10:24:12

    On Saturday, at a mass grave near the Mexican resort town of Puerto Penasco, there were ten dead bodies found.There is a group called the ‘Searching Mothers of Sonora’ who initially traced 42 dead bodies at the clandestine burial site. They are...

    Keywords: dead bodies, killed, South Arizona, killed

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