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  • white house, who, donald trump s ban on who funding could get him impeached, Joe biden

    Donald Trump’s ban on WHO funding could get him impeached 2020-04-16 08:17:02

    Risks of impeachment have been looming over President Donald Trump’s head for quite some time now. The sudden withdrawal of the WHO funding from U.S was another bold move that is likely going to impact Trump’s stay in the White...

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    Donald Trump, S President, us president donald trump to face trial in senate for his impeachment, Joe biden

    Us President Donald Trump to Face Trial in Senate for his Impeachment 2019-12-19 06:06:03

    The 45th US President Donald Trump is in the run to become the third US President to be impeached. Trump was in talks of being impeached for abusing his power and with the voting in the House, it set up...

    Keywords: impeachment, impeachment, Donald Trump, Donald Trump

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    US, Senate, house delivers trump impeachment articles to senate, Joe biden

    House Delivers Trump Impeachment Articles to Senate 2020-01-16 09:54:35

    Two articles of impeachment against the President Trump has been delivered by the House of Representatives to the Senate on Wednesday. It has set the stage for a trial for determining whether the removal of the president should be done...

    Keywords: Donald Trump, Senate, impeachment, US

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    stay at home, stay at home, scattered protests happen in u s against stay at home orders, Joe biden

    Scattered protests happen in U.S against stay at home orders 2020-04-17 11:58:03

    While the entire world is consistently fighting a bad global pandemic, 42 U.S states have issued stay at home orders to help contain the further spread of the novel coronavirus. These orders have not just laid off people but has...

    Keywords: governors, governors, donald trump, U.S

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    Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg, michael bloomberg exists 2020 presidential campaign and endorses joe biden, Joe biden

    Michael Bloomberg exists 2020 Presidential Campaign and endorses Joe Biden 2020-03-05 06:49:52

    The billionaire Michael Bloomberg has ended his bid for the nomination of the Democratic president on Wednesday and has also endorsed Joe Biden who is the former Vice President.Michael Bloomberg has announced his departure from the race for the Democratic...

    Keywords: Joe Biden, United States, Democratic presidential campaign, Joe Biden

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    sanders, bernie sanders, bernie sanders suspends his presidential campaign, Joe biden

    Bernie Sanders suspends his presidential campaign 2020-04-09 06:05:35

    With the ongoing pandemic going around, everything has been put on hold, even the presidential campaigns and elections all across the globe. In a news that left everyone in a shock, Bernie Sanders suspended his presidential campaign for the year...

    Keywords: bernie sanders, coronavirus, presidential campaign, trump

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