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  • Pegylated Interferon Alpha-2b, Zydus cadila, hepatitis drug for covid 19 treatment cadila seeks permission for clinical trials, Technology

    Hepatitis drug for Covid-19 treatment? Cadila seeks permission for clinical trials 2020-05-05 14:03:09

    With no possible vaccine in the hindsight at the moment for Covid-19, researchers and laboratories are gearing up to find a possible treatment option to lower the intensity and impacts of the virus.In such recent events, the Drug Controller General...

    Keywords: PegiHep, hepatitis, hepatitis, covid-19

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    North east, North east, iim alumnus pens down the struggles and discrimination faced by the north east of india, Technology

    IIM Alumnus pens down the struggles and discrimination faced by the North-East of India 2020-05-06 13:27:49

    An IIM alumnus and Entrepreneur himself, Partha Pratim Das, who witnessed the first hand discrimination that the citizens of north-east India faced, spending his childhood and adolescence in Tripura.Being part of the same country, the North Easter people have been...

    Keywords: North east, Partha Pratim Das, racism, discrimination

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    Arogya Setu, Coronavirus, india makes downloading covid app mandatory unlike other countries, Technology

    India Makes Downloading COVID App Mandatory Unlike Other Countries 2020-05-08 12:09:27

    Arogya Setu is an effective app used to track coronavirus. Two months back when it was created, no one used it. Now things have drastically changed and there are almost 100 million users on this app.The Prime Minister requested the...

    Keywords: Mandatory App, Prime Minister, Rahul Gandhi, Coronavirus

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    US, covid-19, us will need more immigrants once pandemic is over reports, Technology

    US Will Need More Immigrants Once Pandemic Is Over: Reports 2020-05-11 04:37:27

    Owing to the rising rates of unemployment in the US, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that temporarily suspends immigration to the United States. These new restrictions aren’t necessarily as stringent as they seem to be, which is a...

    Keywords: coronavirus, coronavirus, executive order, immigrants

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    Two API’s, Two API’s, two apis for antiviral drugs found by csir iict, Technology

    Two APIs For Antiviral Drugs Found By CSIR-IICT 2020-05-21 07:54:52

    For two antiviral drugs, Umifenovir and Remdesivir, Active Pharma Ingredients found by the Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT).Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) and a pharmaceutical firm received antiviral Favipiravir API for approval to conduct animal/ human trials before releasing...

    Keywords: CSIR-IICT, COVID-19 Treatment, COVID-19 Treatment, Two API’s

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    Fight Against COVID-19, Fight Against COVID-19, fight against covid 19 government chooses iit bennett university and others for help, Technology

    Fight Against COVID-19: Government Chooses IIT, Bennett University And Others For Help 2020-05-11 09:25:14

    It is time to get proposals for developing vaccines, devices, diagnostics, therapeutics and other technological interventions to fight against COVID-19. The Department of Biotechnology under the science ministry has recommended 70 proposals from different Institutions such as IIT’S, JNU, Bennett...

    Keywords: CSIR’s labs, CSIR’s labs, Department of Biotechnology, Bennett University

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