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January 29, 2019 16:36
FaceTime Bug Lets You Hear Recipient’s Voice Before Answering

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Apple’s popular audio and video calling service FaceTime has hit by a major bug that basically goes into motion when making a call via the FaceTime app.

According to a report, as soon as a person makes a call, they immediately start hearing sound from the receiver’s end, even before call has been answered. Apple has said that it has noticed the issue and should be fixed via an upcoming software update.

As of now, Apple has suspended Group FaceTime calling which is likely a precautionary measure before the issue is solved.

Since almost everyone with an iOS device tends to use FaceTime, this is distinctly a big privacy issue. While one can snoop-in on conversations, the FaceTime call does ring as it should, so it is not completely intrusive.

In order to test the bug, 9to5Mac made a call via FaceTime using an iPhone X calling an iPhone XR and managed to ascertain the bug. They further said that the issue could affect any iOS device running on iOS 12.1 or later and yes, one can “listen in to soundbites of any iPhone user’s ongoing conversation without them ever knowing that you could hear them.”

If you receive a call on FaceTime, possibilities are that the person calling could be hearing you, even though you haven’t picked the call, which is scary and creepy simultaneously.

For the time being, there is no solution or a way to protect yourself from the bug, unless Apple shoots out a quick fix.

To not to get into this bug, make sure you are not having any private conversation when or if your FaceTime starts ringing. The other option is to disable FaceTime entirely.

-Sowmya Sangam

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