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July 06, 2024 18:45
Special tips to Sleep early at Night

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“Go to bed early and wake up early” is a widely accepted habit that has been passed down through many generations. Good sleep strengthens your mental strength, improves brain function and productivity throughout the day. With the advent of the technology age, people often sacrifice a good night's sleep to use their mobile phones at night. It can cause many disadvantages, including feeling tired during the day, increased risk of heart attack, memory loss and mental fogginess. To have a productive day, it is important to go to bed early in the evening. Many people recommend reading a book or writing in a diary to get a restful sleep. The light emitted by electronic devices interferes with the release of a hormone called melatonin in the brain. Therefore, do not touch them when you go to bed. This hormone plays a role in good sleep. Let's also look at some ways to help you fall asleep faster at night.

Room Temperature: According to Healthline, sleeping in a warm environment affects a person's mood. This also affects your sleep. Keep the room temperature between 15 and 19 degrees Celsius. According to a 2019 study, it is recommended to take a warm bath 1 to 2 hours before bed at night.

Eat light food: Eat light food in the evening. Avoid eating cereal at night. Eat khichdi and oats. You can drink a glass of it with milk. Note that there should be about 2 hours between dinner and sleep. Avoid drinking coffee after dinner to maintain good sleep habits.

Relaxing music: Some studies have shown that listening to relaxing music can help you fall asleep faster. A 2012 study of 50 people found that those who listened to soothing music for 45 minutes a day slept more deeply.

Exercise: To improve your sleep, try exercising every morning or evening. Do activities that maintain your health, such as running, walking, cycling and weight lifting. These outdoor activities make you feel tired and sleep early at night.

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