Safety tips for travelling aloneTravel Tips

March 16, 2016 18:11
Safety tips for travelling alone

Are you ready to go off alone on a big adventure, but feeling nervous? It is a normal feeling! Travelling alone is something you will never forget and it is certainly a learning experience. Here are some tips, that will be helpful for you, while you travel by on your own.

Prepare For Trouble Before You Leave Home:
You should make copies of your passport, visas,  credit cards, ATM card,  driver’s license, birth certificate, and other important documents or ID cards, before leaving for your trip. Leave one copy at home and take another to hide somewhere in your bag, separate from the originals. This will save you much trouble if anything gets stolen or lost.

Make bookings ahead of time:
You should make all booking in advance, when you are travelling alone. It will ease all that fear and uncertainty about where to land up next. Hotels and hostels provide the facility of pick up, means when you arrive, here is a friendly person to great you. It is another great advantage of making booking in advance. You are only required to write an email to them asking about the services in advance.

Take photos of taxi license plates:
Do not feel embarrassed to do something, when it comes to your safety. You should take the photo of the taxi's license plate. Do not feel bad about making cab driver think you do not trust them.

Wear a wedding ring:
This can help immensely in preventing unwanted attention at some places. You'd avoid anyone from flirting with you by making people think you are married. It will make them think, that you are on your way to meet someone which is always good.

Limit Your Alcohol Consumption:
When you are travelling alone, never let yourself get drunk. Be aware of your surroundings. You need to be able to fully take care of yourself at all times. This does not mean you can not go out for drinks, just always make sure you are retaining control.

Hide some money:
Do not keep all your money together during travelling. Keep most of the amount in your back account, a small amount in your purse and some in your bag, and take out smaller amounts at a time. If you want to keep extra protection, you can use travel fanny packs under your clothes. You should always have a backup emergency credit card hidden.

Learn How To Defend Yourself:
Taking a self-defense class is good for everyone not only smart for solo travelers. Violent attacks are possible whether you are on a trip or at home. Learning how to defend yourself will make you a more confident solo traveler and give you skills to get out of dangerous situations.


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