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November 15, 2019 10:39
YouTuber Mom Accused Of Child Abuse Died On Tuesday

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A woman from Arizona, who have been accused of abusing her adopted children in the YouTube videos that they starred in the family channel has passed away on November 12, 2019, as the authorities claimed.

Ricardo Alvarado, who is the Maricopa Police Department spokesman stated saying that Machelle Hobson passed away on Tuesday in a Phoenix area hospital. The Scottsdale police also confirmed from the situation that the death was completely natural and that there was no crime associated or suspected with it.

The 48-year old accused YouTuber mom was believed to have been starving her children and even using pepper spray on them to teach them a lesson when they failed to perform the skits as per her liking. Every skit on the channel of “Fantastic Adventures” did garner a lot of views.

Pinal County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Lauren Reimer mentioned in her statement saying that she has been hospitalized for extreme health conditions at the end of May and owing to her diagnosis was released from the jail custody on June 12th. The authorities have also clarified stating that she hadn’t been hospitalized following that but they aren’t sure of her whereabouts.

During her trail in August, a judge deemed her incapable of standing for the trial owing to how her physical capabilities were. This was the reason why Hobson’s case was put on hold by the authorities till she regained her own sense of stability back to fight the trial.

Some of the authorities said that they have reports that Hobson would keep the children locked up without food, water or even access to the bathroom.

The county attorney, Kent Volkmer stated saying that he was extremely saddened by the fate and the death of Hobson. He also clarified stating that he wasn’t allowed to elaborate further on the situation and the severity of the condition. He said that even when they prosecutors are finding ways to prove Hobson guilty, he is glad that the kids won’t have to undergo the wrath of the trial.

Volker said that the only way to get a better clarity on the picture is by making the kids speak on the situation and get a better clarity on the situation. He further stated saying, “The only way that we could have proven these charges is these children would have been required to testify under oath in front of the jury, in front of the world. Because of the resolution of this case, these kids don't have to testify. They now can begin the healing process.”

The earnings from the YouTube channel have already been tapped and kept secured in an account. It isn’t a two way that someone or the other is going to come back to claim the money. The police has also informed that the children were taken out of school to perform in the videos and have since then not been put back in school.

If reports are to be believed, it is said that it was Hobson’s biological daughter who tipped the police off about the situation and asked them to come investigate. The children in custody have been successfully removed from the situation by the Arizona Department of Child Safety.

By Somapika Dutta

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