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December 31, 2020 10:23
Police officer states that will shoot mayor if she defunds the police

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Arizona police officer Poulos stated his opinion at the Phoenix police gathering in the Cave Creek station that he if the mayor defunds the police, the officer will shoot her.

After the officer made this statement, sources stated that the room had become very quiet. The sergeant broke the silence claiming saying :You’re not going to shoot the mayor” to the officer. However, Poulos was adamant that he will shoot her if she defunds the police.

Poulos comment was been take seriously by the Arizona police has have released a report to the Arizona Puclis regarding the meeting of the police officers and what statements were made.

One officer claims Paulos saying “If they defund us, the first person on my list is the mayor.”

Each officer made different statements about what Paulos said. However the end result of each ot their statement is that he will shoot the mayor if she defunds the police.

Three of the officers present at the meeting stated that Poulos will never act in such a way and that he was only venting out his anger. They believed that he would never carry out his words.

After this statement had become public, Poulus backtracked and told the sergeant and declared to the press that it was just a joke and that it isn’t a big deal. He stated that he would actually never shoot the mayor.

The Phoenix Police Department are investigating the case of Paulos statement to see whether he violated any policies. The report of their investigation has not be released yet.

In the united States, making terrorist threats, threatening or intimidating someone is a crime. Poulos’s statement is indicting this crime. Hence as a police officer, this is seen as a major threat to both the mayor, the police station and the public.

Apart from stating that his comment was a joke, Poulus has not made any statement to the police. His attorney, Josephine Hallam has also declined to comment to any media sources.

Poulos has been in the Phoenix Police Department since 1998. He has worked for the department for more than 20 years.

According to his tenure, he will be retiring within the next five years.

The state of Arizona has been supporting the police officer despite his comments. Some have been calling the mayor an “idiot” and other such names and have been in full support of the police officer. Some believe that the police must be prosecuted for his terrorism comments.

The mayor of Arizona is Kate Gallego. She has been the major or Arizona since 2019.

By Meena Atmakuri

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