Joe Biden reacts to Debate Debacle against Donald TrumpTop Stories

July 03, 2024 20:36
Joe Biden reacts to Debate Debacle against Donald Trump

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The demands of international travel had taken a toll on the President's performance during the debate against his Republican opponent. "It's not an excuse, but rather an explanation," he stated, addressing a fundraising event. The US leader acknowledged his lack of preparation, admitting, "I wasn't very smart" in crisscrossing the globe shortly before the high-stakes encounter. "I didn't listen to my staff," he confessed, and nearly succumbed to exhaustion on stage. After a whirlwind journey through France, the United States, and Italy over a fortnight, Biden had barely managed to rest at his Rehoboth Beach, Delaware vacation home. Those close to him observed the President's fatigue during this period. Known for his propensity for gaffes, Biden struggled to counter the former President's blistering attacks on the economy and foreign policy. While the incumbent tried to fight back, his delivery was hesitant, his voice soft and trailing, and he stumbled on his words multiple times.

The 81-year-old president's shaky, hesitant performance has ignited calls from Democrats urging him to reconsider his bid for a second term and engage in deep self-reflection. Biden's statements could prompt even more scrutiny over his capacity to withstand the demands of extensive travel and a packed schedule. White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre acknowledged the debate as "a bad night," yet expressed confidence in Biden's ability to bounce back from setbacks. Addressing the criticism, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken emphasized that the global community is evaluating Biden's overall actions since taking office, not just a single event, and they appreciate his policies.

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