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  • mango juice, mango juice, 5 homemade drinks to keep your system cool this summer, Mangoes

    5 Homemade Drinks To Keep Your System Cool This Summer! 2020-05-16 05:02:50

    Quenching your thirst with refreshing drinks is the best 5-10 minutes of a sunny day. When most of us feel thirsty, we look for aerated drinks to feel better. It is rare that we think of having a healthy cooling...

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    US moon mission, RSS activist, u s moon mission successful as they launched on ekadashi, Mangoes

    ‘U.S. Moon Mission Successful as They Launched on Ekadashi’ 2019-09-10 06:39:23

    Former Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh activist Sambhaji Bhide on Monday made a bizarre statement over the United States sending their craft to the moon.  The activist alleged that space scientists in the U.S. succeeded in sending their craft to the moon...

    Keywords: RSS activist, RSS activist, RSS activist, moon mission in US

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    aam panna in english, traditional aam panna recipe, aam panna recipe know the health benefits of this indian summer cooler, Mangoes

    Aam Panna Recipe: Know the Health Benefits of This Indian Summer Cooler 2019-05-15 06:38:05

    Summer is here and who doesn’t like to gulp down summer coolers in soaring temperatures? Aam panna, the well-liked Indian summer drink made of raw mangoes is a perfect drink to deal with the Indian tropical weather. The main ingredient-...

    Keywords: aam panna with pudina, Indian summer cooler aam panna, Indian summer cooler aam panna, traditional aam panna recipe

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    calcium carbide on mangoes, calcium carbide on fruits, mouth watering mangoes may contain cancer causing chemicals, Mangoes

    Mouth-Watering Mangoes May Contain Cancer-Causing Chemicals 2019-04-25 07:13:42

    Summer is here and people all-around patently crave for mangoes, which is regarded as the best part about summers. The summer fruit is also a great source of vitamins A and C and contains essential nutrients such as folate, B6,...

    Keywords: artificially ripened mangoes, ripen mangoes artificially, ripen mangoes artificially, chemicals in mangoes

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    disadvantages of mango leaves, mango leaves uses for hair, mango leaves seeds helps in reducing blood sugar and diabetes here s how, Mangoes

    Mango Leaves, Seeds Helps In Reducing Blood Sugar and Diabetes - Here's How 2019-05-04 09:30:05

    Mangoes are beyond the shadow of a doubt are the best part of Summers. But your favorite fruit has some drawbacks too if eaten inordinately since they are high in sugar. Fitness experts always warn especially diabetes patients about consuming...

    Keywords: mango seeds for diabetes, mango leaves poisonous, diabetes treatment, mango seeds for diabetes

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    nuvvu avakaya recipe, avakai pickle buy online, mango pickle aavakaaya recipe savour yourself with this delicious indian pickle this summer, Mangoes

    Mango Pickle/Aavakaaya Recipe: Savour Yourself with This Delicious Indian Pickle This Summer 2019-05-14 07:21:24

    If you are an Indian living abroad, you will be missing Indian food for sure and peculiarly summer special foods. Mango pickle or Aavakaaya is one among the foods prepared in summer in India since it is being the time...

    Keywords: mango pickle recipe, avakaya pachadi gayatrivantillu, sweet mango pickle recipe, Aavakaaya Recipe

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